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I'm a second year master's student in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo; co-supervised by Prof. S. Keshav and Prof. Kate Larson. I completed my undergraduate (integrated B.Sc. + M.Sc.) in Mathematics and Computing from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Kharagpur.

Before joining University of Waterloo, I spent a year working with Innovation Labs, the Research & Development division of [24]7 Inc., as Software Development Engineer. Prior to that, I worked with Deutsche Bank as Summer Analyst.

In my present role, being a cross-appointed member of the ISS4E Group and the Artificial Intelligence Group, my research is very interdisciplinary in nature, and lies at the crossroads of Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science. My interests are firmly aligned with my inclination towards problem solving. I derive pleasure and excitement in designing, developing, and analyzing systems/models that provide us with means to achieve those ends.

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Professional Interests

I possess a versatile set of skills, and am particularly enthusiastic about the closely intertwined topics of Algorithm Design and Development, Machine Learning, Quantitative Modeling, Data Science and Financial Analysis.

Academic Research

I have worked on a wide range of topics including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Statistical Analysis of data, Designing Mechanisms for Game Theoretic problems, modeling Affective Intelligent systems, and Intelligent Optimization Algorithms, among others. Please check out my Projects section for further details!

Leisurely Curiosities

Outside of offices and classrooms, I am an avid travel enthusiast. Among other outdoor activities, I enjoy hiking and biking. I am also into other forms of adventure sports (aka skydiving!). During my leisurely hours, I like to read up on Psychology and Gamification. Other things that I like but am only partially dedicated to, include playing Poker, and indulging in some amateur photography.


Algorithm Design, Statistical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence

Sentiment Classification

Machine Learning / Data Mining

Trading Strategy

Statistical Analysis / Technical Indicators

Quantum-inspired Differential Evolution

Intelligent Optimization Algorithm

Modeling Consumer Behavior in Energy Markets

Statistical Survey / Mechanism Design

Modeling Team Effort in Bots

Affective Agents / Monte-Carlo Planning

Constructing Orthogonal Arrays

Algorithm Design

Hypergraph Covering Problems

Metaheuristic Design & Analysis

Partiple Swarm Optimization

Function Optimization Algorithm

Multi-modal Mobile Apps

Voice Recognition


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -- Neale Donald Walsch

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