Deployment photographs, by R. Luk

In June 2008, we went to Ghana, West Africa, to set up a pilot deployment between the Ada Health Centre (AHC) and Kasseh District Hospital (also known as the Dangme East District Hospital) (DEDH).

The red star represents DEDH and the red dot represents ACH. Ghana is located on the Southern coast of West Africa.

Dangme East District Hospital (the 'gateway')

Ada Health Centre (the 'kiosk')

Internet was already available at DEDH via VSAT but the folks at ACH were still looking for a low-cost mechanism by which to distribute epidemiological data and health statistics, as well as receive updates and announcements from the Ministry of Health. ACH already had a Windows XP PC, used to prepare spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations, as well as power.

At ACH, we deployed a Soekris net4801, with a 40GB Toshiba hard disk drive for local storage. The Soekris was connected using a cable to an omnidirectional antenna, that was roof mounted.

For the ferry, we appropriated a vehicle that ACH uses for public service announcements. Our ferry (another soekris 4801) used power from the car battery, but through an inverter and the Soekris power supply, to mitigate against voltage spikes. The car had a magenetically mounted omni antenna.

At DEDH we installed our gateway.

The antenna even works upside down! In fact, it was also installed upside down at the gateway in our India deployment. Note, however, that it doesn't work when you lie it flat or mount out parallel to the ground.

One of the lovely nurses who worked at ACH. Thanks for all your help!

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