Pilot Deployment

Aaditeshwar Seth set up the first deployment of our solution in Anandapuram, a village in South India, during the week of May 16th, 2006.

Each kiosk already had a Windows XP PC. We deployed a Soekris net4801 at the kiosk, with a 40GB Toshiba hard disk drive for local storage. The Soekris was connected using a cable to an omnidirectional antenna, that was roof mounted.

Power for the Soekris came from a 42 AH deep discharge car battery, that was charged by two 1200 mA (12V) Powerflex solar panels ( mounted on the roof of the kiosk. In the future, we will run the Soekris from AC mains as well, and rely on battery/solar power only for backup.

In the van, we used power from the car battery, but through an inverter and the Soekris power supply, to mitigate against voltage spikes. The car had a magenetically mounted omni antenna.

The gateway was in Vishakapatnam. Because the van was parked below the computer room, it was necessary to place the omni antenna outside the building. It is currently dangling from the window!

Here are some photographs of the Anandapuram deployment

Anil Mudumbe from Intel's Bangalore facility also visited Anandapuram. Here ( is a pointer to his online photo album.

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