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What I'm Working On

This page is my attempt to keep track of all the things I'm working on...

Blockchain Research

  • Improving the performance of Hyperledger Fabric. We've already got it to [20,000 tps (see FastFabric), and our goal is to get to 100,000 tps while adding support for Byzantine fault tolerance. Our approach is based on RCanopus and further parallelizing the committer peer (with Christian Gorenflo, Qingnan Duan, Linguan Wang, Bernard Wong, and (at UMass) Stephen Lee and Prashant Shenoy)
  • Designing a trusted smart meter to ensure that data that enters a blockchain can be relied upon. (with Dimcho Karakashev)
  • Managing data consent on Fabric (with Rishav Agarwal, Dhruv Kumar, Pedro Velmovitsky, Plinio Morita, and Lukasz Golab)
  • Using Fabric to provide an audit trail for electric vehicle charging (with Christian Gorenflo, Lukasz Golab, and SWTCH EV Inc.)
  • Conflict resolution for hot keys in Fabric (with Christian Gorenflo and Lukasz Golab)

Energy systems

  • Using deep neural networks to compute optimal (MPC-computed) storage operation strategies (with Fiodar Kazhamiaka and Catherine Rosenberg)
  • Using cloud cover and solar panel images to detect panel soiling and shadowing (with Yingjie Chen)
  • Using IoT to reduce energy costs of lighting (with Yerbol Aussat)
  • Reducing the cost of personal thermal comfort systems (with Costin Ograda-Bratu)
  • Creating a website for homeowners and businesses to determine how many solar panels and how big a storage battery to buy to achieve a certain level of grid independence (with Fiodar Kazhamiaka)


  • Using RFID-based sensors for determining soil moisture level (with Ju Wang and Omid Abari)


  • Designing an index to measure researcher influence and also identify potential research fraud (with Ankai Jie)


Winter 2019

  • Using computer vision algorithms to estimate the degree of snow cover on solar panels (with Jia Ying Lin)
  • Improving the accuracy of RFID-based sensors (with Ju Wang and Omid Abari)
  • Designing and building an off-grid system to capture e-scooter activity and accidents (with Tingyun Liu and Lime Inc.)
  • Improving the description of research outcomes from my energy systems research (with Shela Qiu)


  • Comparing permissioned blockchains to distributed databases (with Lukaz Golab and (at UCSB) Divy Agarwal)
  • Enhancing Fabric with quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms
  • Using blockchains for energy systems

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