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Ansis Rosmanis, Ph.D. from University of Waterloo. Smart lighting. [2016]

Rachel Kalaimani, Ph.D. from IIT Bombay. Energy-efficient HVAC operation. [2015-2016]

Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Ph.D. from University of Toronto. Solar and Storage management. (2012-2015)

Kirill Kogan, Ph.D. from Ben Gurion University. Multi-connected microgrids. (2012-2013)

Weihong Wang, Ph.D. from U. Toronto. EV scheduling. (2010-2011)

Andre Allavena, Ph.D. from Cornell University. Leaf-only trees for massively parallel computing. (2005-2006)


Adedamola Adepetu: 2012-2016, Waterloo. Thesis: An Agent-Based Modeling Framework for Energy Policies (CIBC Bank)

Rayman Preet Singh: 2011-2015, Waterloo. Thesis: Personal Data Management in the Internet of Things (Samsung Research --> Amazon --> LinkedIn)

Omid Ardakanian: 2009-2015, Waterloo. Thesis: On the Control of Active End-nodes in the Smart Grid (Postdoc UC Berkeley --> Postdoc UBC --> Faculty member at U. Alberta)

Tommy Carpenter: 2010-2015, Waterloo. Thesis: Measuring & Mitigating Electric Vehicle Adoption Barriers (AT&T Research)

Earl Oliver: 2006-2012, Waterloo. Thesis: Censorship Tolerant Networking (Brio Mobile)

Andy Curtis: 2008-2012, Waterloo. Thesis: Reducing the cost of Operating a Datacenter Network (Nicera --> VmWare --> Avi Networks)

Nabeel Ahmed: 2004-2009, Waterloo. Thesis: Interference Management in Dense 802.11 Networks (post-doc at MIT --> Ruckus Wireless --> Facebook)

Aaditeshwar Seth: 2004-2008, Waterloo, Co-supervised by Prof. R. Cohen. Thesis: Design of a Recommender System for Participatory Media Built on a Tetherless Communication Infrastructure (IBM Research, India --> Assistant Professor at IIT Delhi --> Associate Professor at IIT Delhi)

Majid Ghaderi: 2004-2006, Waterloo, Co-supervised by Prof. R. Boutaba. Thesis: Resource management in heterogeneous wireless networks (PostDoc at U. Mass. Amherst --> Associate Professor at U. Calgary)

Rosen Sharma: 1996-99, Cornell. Thesis: 'Internet TV', formerly CEO at Solidcore. (Ensim --> SolidCore --> CTO of the Systems and Virtualization Business at McAfee --> CEO BlueStacks)

Yin Zhang(1): 1997-99, Cornell. (AT&T Labs --> Associate Professor at UT Austin)

Lili Qiu(1): 1997-99, Cornell. (Microsoft Research --> Associate Professor at UT Austin --> Professor at UT Austin)

Jia Wang(1): 1997-99, Cornell. (Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs)

Cristian Estan(2): 1998-99, Cornell. (U. Wisconsin --> Architect at NetLogic Microsystems)

Snorri Gylfason(3): 1997-99, Cornell. (Ensim --> VmWare --> Facebook)

(1) Completed Ph.D. with Dr. Robbert van Renesse at Cornell

(2) Completed Ph.D. with Prof. George Varghese at UC San Diego

(3) Left the Ph.D. program to join Ensim Corp.


2016: A. Rabbani, M. Doroshenko

2015: I. Rios

2014: E. Rezaei, X. Gao

2013: P.X. Gao, S. Singla

2012: B. Hu, R. Case

2011: O. Ardakanian

2009: U. Ismail

2008: H. Falaki, S. Ur Rahman, D. Hadaller

2007: S. Guo, O. Beg, E. Oliver

2005: N. Ahmed

1999: Y. Xu, N. Sastry, J. Wann, P. Singh, A. Singh, M. Ranjan, W. Ng, J. Howes

1998: K. Lee, R. Schwager, R. Siamwalla

1997: D. Balakrishna, K. Chan, B. Nicks, J. Teo, M. Wu, L. Wu, H. Jamjoom

1995: M. Grossglauser

B.Tech advisees

2003: A. Jain (now at Google) and G. Kwatra, IIT Delhi

1993: A. Sahay, IIT Delhi

One-year research interns at Bell Labs

1995-1996: A. Jain

1994-1995: M. Grossglauser, now Assistant Professor at EPFL

1994-1995: R. Ahuja

Undergraduate Research Assistants

2008: C. Tang, A. Leong, C. Ho, D. Yim, A. Narayan (DEI, Agra, India)

2007: M. Zaharia (UC Berkeley-->MIT-->Stanford), R. Sethi (IIT KGP), S. Dube (IITK), U. Ismail (LUMS), S. Mustaq (LUMS)

2006: Y. Xu, M. Zaharia, G. Wang, G. Goel (IITD), Z. Koradia (IITK)

2005: M. Liang, G. Salmon, H. Pan, M. Zaharia, S. Fung, M. Thomas (IIT KGP), H. Chopra (IIT B), G. Singh(IIT D), R. Garg (IIT K), R. Jain (IIT B), A. Agarwal (IIT D), Y. Yin, G. Wang

2004: H. Pan, M. Zaharia, P. Darragh, J. Hilliker, G. Salmon, B. Redman, M. Thomas, A. Lifchits, S. Fung, N. Arora

2003: P. Darragh, S. Fung, M. Tariq

1999: W. Chang, H. Chan, D. Guitirrez, L. Ku

1998: A. Landrum, J. Lin

1997: A. Narasimhan