• Transactive energy systems

    Transactive energy systems allows producers and consumers to buy and sell energy like any other good. This allows small-scale solar generators, for example, to get ‘generation certificates’ for each unit of solar energy that they generate, which can then be sold similar to a Renewable Energy Certificate to green consumers.

    Scalable blockchains for transactive energy

    We are building on the Canopus consensus protocol to build a scalable blockchain for transactive energy.

    Self-serve Prepaid Emissions-free Energy Delivery (SPEED)

    SPEED consists of the traditional components of a renewable energy system (solar panels, batteries, charge controller) but adds a Raspberry Pi and a radio frequency identification reader (RFID). The RFID reader allows a customer to access their account and use pre-purchased credits to charge their mobile phone or lantern. The Pi is used for monitoring the system, reading the RFID scanner ,and checking if the a storekeeper wants to add customers, view customer account history or add money to a customer’s account. A small display and programmable buttons allow the system to be configured and operated stand-alone.

    Optimal matching of loads to solar generation

    We are working closely with a partner in optimally matching roof-based solar panels to commercial loads.