• Permanent Resident and Citizenship

    International students in Waterloo have lots of opportunities to become permanent residents of Canada. You can get permanent residence one year after finishing your master program or after the second year of the PhD program. There are three ways for you to apply:

    Federal Skilled Worker Class: Eligible international PhD students can apply for the PhD stream in the Federal Skilled Worker Class in the second year of their program. This is the fastest way for permanent residence in Canada.

    Canadian Experience Class: Students graduating from a Canadian post-secondary institution with at least one year of full-time work experience can apply for this program. The application accesses (1) your work experience, (2) your language ability, and (3) your education.

    Ontario Provincial Nominee Program: The program is categorized into three streams: (1) The With Job Offer Stream, which accepts graduates with job offers. (2) The PhD Graduate Stream, which allows PhD graduates from Ontario to apply without a job offer within two years of graduation (3) and the Pilot Masters Graduate Stream, which allows master students to apply without a job offer one semester before graduation or within two years of graduation.

    Citizenship: Applicants must have lived in Canada for three years of the past four years before applying. You may be able to count time you spent in Canada before you became a permanent resident. For details, please refer http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/index.asp


    Reference: http://www.cic.gc.ca/