• ISS4E Seminar Series – Group Meetings


    November 13, 2013Adedamola AdepetuCritiquing Time-Of-Use Pricing in Ontario (pdf)DC1331
    November 20, 2013Lukasz GolabSystem architecture for smart meter analyticsDC1331
    September 15, 2015Lukas GebhardThe E-WALD Project (pdf)DC 2314
    September 22, 2015Adedamola AdepetuFilling Spatial and Temporal Gaps in Demographic Data using Nightlights (pdf)DC 2314
    September 29, 2015Michael DoroshenkoEffects of Panel Orientation on Solar Integration into Electric Grids (ppt)DC 2314
    October 12, 2015Johannes SchäubleFacing Challenges in the Distribution Grid with
    Local Electricity Markets (pdf)
    DC 2314
    February 2, 2016Srinivasan KeshavLED Lighting (ppt)DC 1331
    March 1, 2016Adedamola AdepetuUsing Agent-Based Models to Define and Evaluate Energy Policies (3MT Competition)DC 1302
    March 15, 2016Ansis RosmanisSmart Lighting: An overview (pdf)DC 1331