• Health care in Canada

    An advantage of studying in Canada is that healthcare is inexpensive, even for international students. At US schools, you can expect to pay around $3000/year for healthcare coverage that can be marginal. At Waterloo, healthcare insurance is less than $1000/year for excellent coverage. It pays for 100% of doctor and hospital visits, 80% of prescription drugs, 70-80% of optical, and 70-100% of dentist visits. This insurance pays for much more than plans five times more expensive in the US.

    If you have a spouse, healthcare is also less expensive for them. He/she is will be able to obtain a work visa when you are granted a study visa (another benefit of Canada vs. the US). If your partner works, then they will receive free healthcare coverage from the province of Ontario. This coverage covers 100% of doctor and hospital fees, but does not coverage prescription drugs. Usually employers offer supplemental insurance for reasonable rates.If your partner does not have a job, you’ll need to buy them healthcare insurance. This costs about $1000/year. Exact prices can be found here. Again, this is many times less than what you’d pay in the US for insurance for your partner.