• Distribution systems

    Distribution State Estimation

    With the increasing penetration of distributed generation and storage, the way utilities manage distribution power systems is changing. Historically designed to meet the peak load, with power flowing unidirectionally, distribution systems are now less predictable because of the stochastic nature of solar and wind generation.

    Distribution State Estimations is an active topic of research, with the goal to provide a set of tools for utilities to efficiently monitor the state of their distribution system. These techniques rely on a set of real time sensors, providing useful measures of feeders’ parameters.

    While power system state estimation is well understood,  it still needs further improvements for distribution systems; new approaches and algorithms are developed to tackle this challenge. We take advantage of the recent development in sensor hardware, micro-synchrophasors for distribution systems, that provide real-time high-quality measurement data.

    Distribution State Estimation is a key technique, that enables many smart grid applications relying on the knowledge of the state of the power system to operate.