• Late-breaking talk announcement: Eyal de Lara at 10:30 AM

    by  • May 30, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Efficient Idle Desktop Consolidation with Partial VM Migration Eyal de Lara University of Toronto MC 5136B 10:30AM Thursday 31 May Abstract Recent surveys have found that enterprise desktops spend most of their time idle. Despite the fact that idle PCs consume up to 60% of their peak power, these systems have been found to...

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    Prof. Keshav’s Google Tech Talk: “How the Internet can Green the Electrical Grid”

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        Abstract: Several powerful forces are gathering to make fundamental and irrevocable changes to the century-old grid. The next-generation grid, often called the `smart grid,’ will feature distributed energy production, vastly more storage, tens of millions of stochastic renewable-energy sources, and the use of communication technologies both to allow precise matching of supply...

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