Reviewer Pool for ACM SIGCOMM CCR

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Name Affiliation Interests Contact URL
Parag Kulkarni Toshiba Research Europe Ltd. Systems aspects related to wired and wireless networks and their management and application of data mining/machine learning in networking.
Guohan Lu Microsoft Research Asia Network measurement, TCP protocol analysis and congestion control, Data Center Network.
kc claffy UC San Diego Internet measurement and data analysis, topology, routing, traffic characterization, performance, economics, architecture.
Marwan Fayed University of Stirling Context-awareness and routing for wireless networks, network measurement, networks for developing or adversarial regions, peer-to-peer structures and dynamics.
Kashi Vishwanath Microsoft Research Traffic, topology, virtualization, cloud computing issues: energy, performance, and reliability.
Fernando Ramos University of Cambridge IPTV, optical networks, multicast, traffic engineering
Lei Shu Osaka University Wireless Multimedia, Mobile, Sensor Networks, Geographic Routing, Packet Scheduling, and Cross-layer Optimization, Localization, Hole bypassing, multipath multimedia streaming, Context-Aware Middleware and WSNs Middleware, WSNs simulator and testbed visualizer, Sensory data management and sharing
Iwan Adhicandra University of Pisa Wireless and Mobile Communications, WiMAX Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Computer Networks, Data Communications, Network Management, and Mobile Agents
Ali Begen Cisco Media transport, distribution and consumption
Fabian Schneider UPMC Sorbonne Universités and CNRS Active and passive network measurements, performance analysis, internet service usage/patterns/characterization, online social networks (OSNs), home networks and gateways
Patrick Loiseau ENS-Lyon, France Stochastic analysis and modeling of network traffic and performance (heavy-tails, long-range dependence, large deviations); and in statistical estimation in the context of network measurement. I also have a recent but strong interest in game theory and its application to network economics.
Laszlo Gyarmati Budapest University of Technology and Economics Economic aspects of networked systems, in particular the application of game theoretic methods, energy efficiency of data centers, and online social networks.
Soumya Sen Princeton University Network economics, technology adoption, new network architectures, network robustness and security, broadband pricing, content distribution, security and robustness of networks.
Yong Xia NEC Labs China congestion control, overlay, wireless, content distribution, DDoS security, P2P, DHT, distributed file systems
Yan Sun Washington State University Routing; Network security; Signal processing; FPGA/ASIC
Hamid Farhadi The University of Tokyo Network Security, Network Virtualization
Danda B. Rawat Old Dominion University Network Security, Wireless Systems, Cognitive Radio Networks, Mobile and Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless LAN, Embedded Systems, and Smart Grid
Alberto Dainotti University of Napoli FedericoII Internet measurement and data analysis, traffic characterization and classification, network security through traffic analysis and network measurements
Mehmet Hadi Gunes University of Nevada, Reno Communications: network protocols, health systems, smart grid communications; Complex networks: biological networks, social networks, graph data mining, network visualization; Internet measurements: Internet topology, Internet modeling, network sampling; Network security: anonymizer technologies, private communication, secure cloud.
Xiaojing Xiang AT&T Labs Unicast/multicast routing, wireless sensor networks, wireless mobile ad hoc networks and service provision No website.
Maxim Podlesny University of Waterloo Transport protocols, congestion control, service differentiation, QoS, network virtualization, data center networks
Sumeeth Nagaraja Qualcomm Corporate Research Performance analysis of wireless networks, Interference mitigation techniques, Distributed and Centralized transmit power calibration schemes; Probabilistic approaches to machine learning and their applications to smart phone data-sets ;Theoretical analysis of wireless communications systems; fundamental capacity limits of wireless channels; and optimal strategies that achieve channel capacity limits.
Daniel Camps Mur NEC Europe Laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany Wireless networks with a focus on QoS and energy efficiency
Habib Ullah Dept. Electrical, Electronics and System Engineering, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Wireless communication, telecommunication, antenna and propagation, MIMO
Yunyue Lin Dept. of Computer Science, University of Memphis High-performance networks and wireless sensor networks
Sumit Rangwala Cisco Systems Smart grid communication, data center networking, network virtualization, and wireless (and wireless sensor) networks
October 2012